When you need to add a new circuit

The electrical needs of Phoenix homes and businesses are always changing, as new devices are introduced and old components wear out. There will likely come a time where you need to add a new circuit. Below are the scenarios when you should do this, as well as how adding a circuit can add convenience and improve safety.

Protection for your home or business

Overloading occurs when devices plugged into one circuit draw more current than the circuit is designed to handle. Overloading will trip your breakers, cutting your power supply. If can also break down the wiring insulation meant to protect your home or business’s electrical wiring, which can increase your risk of electrical fires.

Dedicated circuits

Adding a new circuit to your Phoenix home or business can provide a dedicated power supply for appliances. Major appliance which draw a great deal of power should always be on their own circuit; if too many are plugged into one circuit, you’ll likely have frequent breaker trips due to overloading. Adding dedicated circuits will prevent this problem and help you avoid power interruptions.

Using multiple smaller devices on a single circuit can also be problematic. Running toasters, coffee pots, microwaves, and other devices at the same time on the same circuit can trigger an overload. You might consider adding multiple smaller circuits if you have a problem with frequent overloading.

It’s important that dedicated circuits be wired correctly for the devices which they will serve. If they do not have the proper amperage, the circuit could overheat, posing a fire risk. Below are the circuit sizes commonly used:

  • 20 amp circuits are used for mid-range electrical devices, such as small kitchen appliances and hairdryers
  • 30 to 50 amp circuits are used for medium to heavy duty appliances, such as refrigerators and clothes dryers.

When should I add a circuit?

You should add new circuits to your home or business if:

  • The existing circuit is not operating correctly. Neglecting to replace the circuit in the midst of malfunctions can put you at danger, as well as limit your ability to use devices. Signs of a malfunctioning circuit include constant tripping of breakers, interrupted operation of appliances, and no power to appliances and devices plugged into the circuit.
  • You want to add new appliances. Using too many appliances or electrical devices on a single circuit can overload the circuit. This causes it to trip and you to lose power. When planning to add a new appliance for use in your home or business, it’s best to add a new circuit which will serve the electrical needs of that device.

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