Upgrading Your Phoenix Electrical Outlets

Most Phoenix home and business owners don’t give much thought to their electrical outlets unless they aren’t working. Because of this, many residences and commercial buildings have older electrical outlets in place.

Though they seem minor in the grade scheme of your home or business’s electrical system, older outlets have the potential to cause some pretty serious problems. Over time, the original outlets may not be the best choice for the inhabitants. Upgrading your electrical outlets can improve the safety, performance, and functionality of your Phoenix electrical system.

Older Outlet Issues

With age, outlets can degrade, causing them not to operate at the level they once did. Modern homes and businesses have a much higher electrical demand than those of decades past – if your Phoenix home or commercial building was built in the past century and the electrical system has not been upgraded, odds are that the outlets currently in place aren’t efficiently meeting the demands of the devices plugged into them. Or, the outlets may not be compatible with the technology you’re using.

They may not be delivering the proper level of electricity to these devices, causing flickering and power interruptions which may lead to permanent damage. As outlets degrade, settling can cause improper contacts to occur, which could cause sparks, arcing, and electrical fires.

Upgraded Outlet Solutions

Upgrading your outlets will help you make your home or business safer and more practical. Some common outlet upgrades we perform are:

  • Upgrading to GFCIs: Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors automatically cut electricity to the outlet in the event it becomes overloaded or exposed to water. They are a smart addition to kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms.
  • Grounded outlets: Many years ago, grounded outlets weren’t a requirement; if you live in an older home, you may have some of these in place still. Not only are ungrounded outlets unsafe, but many modern devices and appliances also cannot be used with ungrounded outlets.

Improved Childproof Outlets

Around 2,400 children suffer electrical shocks and burns each year, resulting from inserting objects into electrical outlets; as many as 12 child fatalities occur annually. If you have little ones at home or run a business where children are frequent visitors, it is important that your electrical outlets are childproofed to prevent their curiosity from becoming dangerous. While outlet covers have been around for ages, they can be inconvenient as well as difficult for adults to handle when access to the outlet is needed.

Today, there are advanced outlets available which make childproofing automatic! Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRRs) look like standard outlets, but the receptacles are covered. When equal pressure is applied to both receptacles, such as when a plug is inserted, the cover plates will open to allow contact. TRRs prevent children from inserting objects into the outlet, preventing serious injuries.

TRRs can be installed by a licensed electrician for just cents more than standard outlets – a small price to pay for a child’s safety. For professional installation of quality new electrical outlets in your Phoenix home or place of business, contact Super Electric today.