Sub Panel Maintenance & Repair in Phoenix

Super Electric offers sub panel replacement services to home and business owners in the Phoenix Valley.

What is a sub panel?
Sub panels are a smaller size than the main electrical panel and are used to extend a feed of multiple branch circuits to another area or building a distance away from the main panel. A garage or room addition are two common places to put a sub-panel. The idea is to run a single set of feeder wires from the main panel, via a two-pole breaker, and extend them out to a sub-panel, which will feed multiple branch circuits in that area of your house, garage, or outbuilding. From there, the sub panel connects to outlets, lighting and other loads via individual circuit breakers, just like the main panel in your home supplies.

Why or when do you need to have a sub panel installed?
First, if the main service panel does not have enough space to hold additional circuit breakers for any new circuits that are intended to be installed, you may need a new sub panel. The circuit breaker sub panel can create new space for circuit breakers but in a separate location.

A sub panel can also be used to provide a sense of clarity and separation of service from the main electrical panel. Usually, a breaker sub panel will service one separate area that has a discrete function, such as a kitchen, shop, office, or addition. By installing a circuit breaker sub panel, you make it clear which circuit breakers and branch circuits apply to which parts of the house. It is easy to segregate the duties of all of the branch circuits, and to facilitate sub panel repairs, by keeping the circuits sequestered within the circuit breaker sub panel area.

Here at Super Electric, we evaluate your needs for any renovation project to determine the feasibility of installing sub panels and assess your sub panel repair issues. After our highly skilled technicians do an in-depth inspection of your system, they will provide you Super Electric upfront pricing. Once you select the sub panel you desire, we will do the rest!

Remember, we can also offer you finance a new sub panel, giving you a choice of low monthly payments. Let Super Electric be your sub panel replacement experts in the Phoenix area.