Smoke Detector Installation & Repair in Phoenix

As Phoenix electricians and co/smoke detector installers, our number one priority at Super Electric is keeping you and your family safe. We provide safety checks which include the testing of smoke detectors and the installation of smoke detectors. So if you are in need of smoke detectors or would like one of our highly skilled technicians to perform a safety check in your Arizona home, do not wait; book an appointment today!

Smoke detectors are an investment that can save lives by providing an early warning alert to your loved ones in the event of a fire. When properly installed in strategic locations, smoke detectors should allow sufficient time to reach safety. Many Arizonans neglect to install smoke detectors despite being a low-cost investment that can potentially save lives. Even those who do have smoke detectors often take them for granted, forgetting that they need some attention to continue working properly. There are two different types of smoke detectors on the market today, Ionization detectors and photoelectric detectors, which function in a different way.

Ionization detectors have a chamber which consists of two plates separated by a little less than a centimeter. The battery applies a voltage to the plates, charging one plate positive and the other plate negative. When smoke enters the main chamber, the smoke particles attach to the ions and neutralize them, so they will not reach the plate. The drop in current between the plates triggers the alarm.

In a Photoelectric smoke detector, smoke can block a light beam causing the detector to activate. In this case, the reduction in light reaching a photocell sets off the alarm. In the most common type of photoelectric smoke detectors, light is scattered by smoke particles onto a photocell, initiating an alarm. In smoke-free conditions, a light beam crosses the top of an uninterrupted straight line, not striking the photocell positioned at a right angle below the beam. When smoke is present, the light is scattered by smoke particles. When sufficient light hits the cell, the current triggers the alarm.

Both ionization and photoelectric sensors are effective smoke detectors in helping alert your family of smoke caused by a fire in your home. Both detectors have to go through the exact same test in order to become UL rated and installed in your home. If you have further questions, our Super Electric team in Phoenix would be happy to review all of your options with you and find out the best fit for your home. If you need smoke detectors or would like one of our highly skilled Arizona electricians to perform a safety inspection in your home, do not wait; book an appointment today!