Should I Install a Whole Home Generator?

Storms, utility issues, and other events can knock out power to your Phoenix area home. Power outages can last just a few seconds, or go on for days, depending on the circumstances. Loss of electricity can make your home unsafe or unlivable throughout the duration of an outage if you have no backup source of power in place.

A whole home generator is a smart option for Phoenix homeowners who are looking for protection in the event of a power outage. These systems can be directly connected to your home’s electrical system, where they will automatically detect a loss of utility power and fire up to keep powering your essential systems.

Installing a whole home generator

If you wish to purchase and install a whole home generator, it is best to do so through a licensed electrician. You’ll be able to access genuine and safe equipment, as well as professional installation. An electrician like Super Electric will install your new whole home generator properly, to ensure you are able to access backup power safely in your time of need. We take into consideration your power needs to help you choose the right generator for your home, and provide safe and effective installation.

Benefits offered by whole home generators

Installing a whole home generator will provide you with many benefits, should you face a utility power outage. Below are just a few of the advantages you’ll gain:

  • No disruption in your comfort. A power outage can leave you without a way to cool you home; with high outdoor temperatures, this can lead to dangerous conditions inside. A whole home generator will provide reliable backup power to operate your cooling system through a power outage. It can also provide power for other devices, such as lighting systems and electronics, offering personal comfort during potentially scary times, especially for small children.
  • Power for medical equipment. Many Phoenix households have family members which depend on electrically-powered medical equipment for a variety of health reasons; a loss of power can be quite dangerous if these systems cannot operate. With a whole home generator in place, you won’t need to worry about powering your medical devices when your utility electricity goes out.
  • Prevents loss of perishables. A refrigerator or freezer stocked with food may be a complete loss in an extended power outage. A whole home generator provides the power you need to keep essential appliances running, protecting you from losing perishable items worth hundreds of dollars.
  • Protects your safety. Unlike portable backup generators, a whole home generator doesn’t require setup every time you need to use it; it fires up automatically. Conditions leading to a power outage, such as a storm, can be dangerous to go out in, but with a portable generator, you are forced to if you need backup power. Installing a whole home generator will provide you with reliable backup power and allow you to remain safe inside your home.