Your Residential Scottsdale Electrician

What type of experience and qualifications do the electricians you hire bring to the table?

Our Scottsdale electricians represent the best our industry has to offer. Few if any other local electrical contractors impose such strict qualifications while conducting such rigorous testing when choosing their residential/commercial electricians. We offer a host of electrical services, including electrical repairs, electrical maintenance solutions and system installations, and these services are too important to our customers to be carried out by marginally qualified electricians. Only one in 33 applicants is chosen to join our team, and those who are chosen receive ongoing training as we seek to improve our already state-of-the-art techniques. You can expect well-prepared, courteous and skilled technicians performing their work in a timely and professional fashion. We wouldn’t accept anything less. Super Electric is committed to the high standards we hold our employees to, and know it is their commitment to excellence that accounts for our success in this industry.

Scottsdale Electricians
As your Scottsdale electrical contractors, we can help you to address all of your electrical issues affordably. Furthermore, we won’t keep you waiting around all day long for our electricians to arrive. We have thrived for so many decades in our industry because we don’t cut corners. When we say our technicians are the best in the greater Phoenix area we mean it.

  • All of our electricians are highly experienced and certified electricians
  • Our electricians take continuing education classes and attend seminars so that their skills and knowledge can continue to evolve. In fact, they attend training in Phoenix a minimum of two times per week
  • We conduct background and driving record checks on all applicants
  • Only one in 33 of our applicants is accepted to join our team

All of the work our electricians perform at your home or business is 100% guaranteed. You can’t be expected to be an expert when it comes to electrical issues. You can and should, however expect expertise and professionalism in the electrical contractors you choose for the job. Put your mind at ease by putting Super Electric on the case.

We are happy to provide electricians you can count on to do excellent work. The vigorous vetting process we put applicants through represents the high standards all employees are held to at Super Electric. The work we do is important, and we want only the best to carry out our services. Call us today at (602) 904-6842 to discuss the electrical issues you are experiencing and how our top-of-the-line electricians can help.