Residential Electrical System Maintenance Program in Phoenix

Power Club Membership Program

Super Electric Power ClubAlong with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) strongly suggests that every home acquires an annual service agreement for their electrical system.  Super Electric delivers on this suggestion with the most comprehensive electrical maintenance program on the market today, The Super Electric Power Club Membership.  This membership will keep your home’s electrical system running at peak efficiency and is designed to exceed all manufacturer suggested warranty requirements.  You get two visits per year to prepare your home’s system for running at its peak, spring and fall, as well as many other benefits that save you time and money!

Here are a few of our Power Club Perks:

1         Increasing Home Safety: Having your homes electrical system inspected and given the proper maintenance tune-ups twice per year, will help you keep your family is safe and secure from most electrical system dangers.  We thoroughly check every part of the electric in your home over the course of the two inspections, adding to the life of your appliances and keeping your system in top working condition.

2         Saving Money:  Extending the life of your appliances and your complete electrical system not only saves you money; it also earns you discounts on repairs and services.  As a member you will receive discounts up to 10% on most repairs, as well as discounted service calls and 24 hour front of the line service.  These savings will more than pay for your Power Club membership.

3         Saving Time: We keep this club exclusive so that we are able to let our members enjoy distinct advantages.  When you need service, you will be put at the front of the line.  That means we can be to your home within 24 hours!

Please call (602) 904-6842 for more details on the services provided, the two tune-ups you will receive or check with the electrician about the many benefits of the Power Club membership.