Main Electrical Panel Repair Services in Phoenix

In many residential and commercial properties in Arizona, the primary sources of protection from electrical injuries are worn out. In many cases, these outdated electrical panels can lead to unwarranted electrical shock or fires. The purpose of your main electrical panel is to prevent large amounts of current traveling from the street to any break or compromise in your home’s electrical system. When your main electrical panel is worn out or out of date, your breakers can fail in many different ways.

The most common misconception when a breaker continues to trip is that the cause is a bad breaker. Though sometimes that assessment is true, there could be a bigger problem than the breaker itself. You should never do a self-assessment or guess when it comes to breaker or panel problems. Let the Phoenix electrical panel experts at Super Electric do a full panel inspection for you.

Electrical panels are truly the heart of your home’s electrical system, so routine maintenance is highly recommended. Installation of a main electrical panel should be done by a licensed professional who has extensive knowledge in panel replacements. Also, a permit should always be pulled and your newly installed panel should be inspected by a city or county official to ensure proper installation has been completed per code for the protection of your home and the safety of your loved ones.

We at Super Electric are well versed in all avenues of panel replacements, making your experience worry-free. From your panel replacement estimate to the permit filing process, to the actual installation of your top quality electrical panel, Super Electric will take care of the entire process, allowing you to have a high quality and worry-free experience. We guarantee that all materials used will be as specified and up to the code in your area. The protection of your home is always our number one priority.

Super Electric offers several different brands of electrical panels that will work great in your Arizona home. Highly trained Technicians would be glad to recommend the panel that works best for your home and for your family’s safety. We can also help you finance a new electric panel, giving you an option to pay in low monthly payments. Let Super Electric be your panel replacement experts in Phoenix and surrounding areas.