Lighting Installation & Maintenance in Phoenix

Super Electric specializes in residential lighting installation all throughout the Phoenix Valley and can help you with both the practical and aesthetic projects in your Arizona home.

Interior Lighting
Indoor lighting is a key part of interior design and can make a house truly feel like a home. Since lighting represents a major component of energy consumption, proper installation can save you money and conserve natural resources at the same time.

Exterior Lighting
One of the most common choices in exterior illumination for homeowners is outdoor security lighting. Keeping an area well-lit during the hours of night goes a long way in keeping intruders and burglars away. Brightness and responsiveness are two of the most important characteristics to look for in outdoor security lights. The more illuminant a fixture is, the farther its light will carry.

The biggest consideration when choosing outdoor security lighting is to select something that is going to make you feel safer in your home. Brightness and motion sensors are definitely two characteristics to consider, but be sure to choose outdoor security lights that will provide you with a feeling of safety and comfort during the nighttime hours.

Exterior lighting can be decorative and used to illuminate walkways, plants, shrubs, and trees. Some of the exterior lighting solutions we offer in Arizona include:

  • Flood lights
  • Post lights
  • Coach lighting

To learn more about indoor and outdoor lighting, schedule an appointment with Super Electric to evaluate your needs.

Movement Sensor/occupancy Light Switches
Do your children always leave the light on in their walk-in closets, the bathroom, the pantry, and the garage? There is an easy way to fix this. Super Electric can install occupancy Sensor Light switches. Super convenient, the light turns on automatically as soon as you enter the room and turns itself off after you have left the room.

Smart home, Smart lighting with Mobile control
Would you like to automate your energy savings, improve your comfort and your safety? Your lights can go off by themselves and your thermostats can adjust themselves. This is just one feature from Smart home solutions offered by Super Electric.