Installing Dimmer Switches in Your Phoenix, AZ Home

A dimmer switch is a convenient device which gives you ranging control over your home’s lighting. If your home does not already have dimmer switches, they can be easily installed by a trusted electrician. The benefits they offer make the investment worthwhile.

Dimmer switches offer enhanced lighting control

Let’s face it: lighting your home isn’t a one size fits all game. Bright lights aren’t appropriate in all areas, all of the time. With a dimmer switch installed, you can adjust the intensity of the lighting in each room. Keep it bright when needed for tasks, and turn it down when you can do without. Dimmers for your lighting can help you improve the functionality and ambiance of each room in your home.

Save energy with dimmer switches

Bright lighting consumes more energy than lower lighting. Without dimmer switches, you don’t have the option to lower your lighting levels and energy use; on and off are your only choices. When dimmer switches are used to control lighting intensity, less energy is needed to light the home and lighting intensity is decreased. When appropriate, you can turn down the lighting levels and turn up your energy savings.

To maximize your savings, install dimmer switches in areas of the home that are utilized often. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas are good locations in which to utilize a dimmer switch. These are all areas which may need bright task lighting, but could easily utilize lower lighting levels for other uses. With a dimmer switch, you are more in control of your household lighting energy use.

Save money on light bulbs with dimmer switches

Did you know that when used with a dimmer switch, your light bulbs will last longer? Even a small decrease in lighting intensity can extend the service life of your light bulbs four times over a light bulb used without a dimmer switch. When the light bulb is dimmed, it is not working as hard as it is when the light is on at a high level. Lowering your lighting levels means your light bulbs will not wear out as quickly.

Installing dimmer switches

If you would like to install dimmer switches around your home, it is best to work with a licensed electrician. An electrician will be able to help you select the appropriate dimmers for the style of lighting fixtures you are planning to use them with. Not all dimmers are compatible with CFL or LED lighting fixtures, so you’ll want an expert’s guidance in selecting the right dimmers for your home. Different dimmer switches offer a range of lighting control, so there are many options available to you.

A certified electrician, such as Super Electric, will be able to assist you in selecting dimmer switches for use throughout your home. They will also provide reliable and safe installation of the devices you select. With your new dimmer switches in place, you’ll have increased control over lighting levels and so much more!