Do I Need an Electrician When Building a New Home?

Building a new home or adding a major addition to your existing dwelling is quite complex. There are many components that go into creating the perfect living space; while one of the most critical, electrical is often overlooked. Poor electrical work can spell disaster, so you want to make sure you utilize an electrician to help you do the job right.

When to Call an Electrician

You should get in touch with an electrician before construction begins. Involving an electrician during the planning phase of your project will help you avoid many mistakes and expenses as your project progresses. Your electrical contractor will work with your architect to draft an electrical plan for the new home or addition.
Once the framing and roof are complete, it’s time to bring your electrician back on-site. Your electrician will make sure that all wiring work and circuitry is compliant with the National Electric Code.

Why Work with an Electrician Sooner

Utilizing an electrician during the design and planning phases of your project will offer many advantages. An electrician can assist you with:
· Improving electrical safety: Your electrician will assist your architect with all electrical safety components. If you intend to install a backup generator, your electrician will be able to advise your architect regarding the space needed for safe installation.
· Customizing electrical components: Using an electrician during the design phase will allow your architect to accommodate the custom electrical features you wish to have in your living areas. Your electrician will inform your architect of what will be required to install features, such as home theater systems, recessed lighting, and other electrical devices.
· Managing expenses: Consulting an electrician during the design and planning phases of your project can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Too often when an electrician isn’t brought in ahead of time, other construction tasks may be completed in such a way that does not accommodate the needed electrical components, requiring expensive changes and longer project completion times.

Before Calling an Electrician

Before you consult an electrician, it doesn’t hurt to do some planning and research on your own. Begin thinking about all the electrical components you want in your new home or home addition. Consider overhead and task lighting, placement of outlets, security systems, outdoor outlets and lighting, home theater equipment, and more. The list of features you prepare will be an excellent tool, helping your electrician adequately plan for your needs when the time comes.
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