Cut Electricity Bills in 2016 with These Tips

There’s one thing Phoenix home and business owners have in common: they all want to cut their electricity bills. There’s no time like the present to make the upgrades and improvements necessary to make lowering your electrical use a possibility this year. Below are some impactful changes you can make at home or in the office to begin lowering the charges on your monthly utility statements.

Switch to Energy Smart Appliances

Replacing aging appliances can make a large impact on your total energy consumption. Older models of major appliances aren’t as efficient as the ones produced today, and cost more to operate. For example, using a 20 year old refrigerator will cost you around $100 more each year than using a new, ENERGY STAR rated model.

Upgrade Your Lighting

If you are still using incandescent light bulbs, 2016 really is the time to make the switch to more efficient lighting. If the cost was keeping you from making the switch in years past, know that the pricing gap has closed significantly in recent years. Plus, the longevity and energy savings LED or CFL bulbs offer definitely makes them the smarter lighting choice for your home or business.

To really cut your lighting energy usage, consider installing lighting controls. Control systems are available that allow you to access lighting in your home or business from your smartphone, tablet, or computer via a Wi-Fi connection from nearly anywhere. Adjust lighting levels in any room, turn off forgotten lights after the close of business, and stop racking up electricity expenses with unnecessary lighting!

Switch to a Smarter Thermostat

Heating and cooling systems are a major consumer of electricity and other fuels for homes and businesses; switching from a manual thermostat to a smarter option, such as a programmable or smart thermostat, will help you cut back unnecessary energy usage. Set temperature schedules based on the hours you are home or your business is occupied, and access energy usage data which can help you make better choices when it comes to efficient use of these essential systems.

Improve Your Habits

There are many things we are guilty of doing every day which waste a great deal of electricity. Improving your way of doing things will help you cut these wasteful habits which raise your electric bills. A few habits that will make a difference include:

  • Always close the refrigerator door rather than leaving it open as you use an item
  • Keep doors and windows closed while you run the furnace over the winter
  • Take shorter showers rather than a long soak in the tub to cut electric hot water usage

Let Super Electric of Phoenix help you make the electrical upgrades which will make saving energy easy in 2016. Call us today to learn more!