Spring Cleaning

By Super Electric | March 15, 2016

Spring Cleaning for Your Phoenix Lighting Fixtures Spring will be here officially on Sunday, and many Phoenix homeowners are compiling their spring cleaning chore lists. One area we want to remind you not to forget is your lighting fixtures! The fixtures throughout your home can benefit from some annual cleaning just as other areas can. […]

Electrical Meter Problems

By Super Electric | February 29, 2016

If your home has electricity, it has an electrical meter! Through the electrical meter is where utility power enters your home. This critical electrical component can negatively impact your electrical usage and bills if it is not working properly; watch out for signs that may indicate a problem with your electrical meter. How to find […]

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Phoenix Generator

By Super Electric | February 16, 2016

Many homes and businesses throughout the Phoenix area have generators installed to provide them with a backup power source in the event utility power is lost. Standby generators, also called whole home generators, are connected to the home or business’s electrical system and can detect when power is lost; they’ll fire up automatically to power […]

Cut Electricity Bills in 2016 with These Tips

By Super Electric | January 26, 2016

There’s one thing Phoenix home and business owners have in common: they all want to cut their electricity bills. There’s no time like the present to make the upgrades and improvements necessary to make lowering your electrical use a possibility this year. Below are some impactful changes you can make at home or in the […]

When you need to add a new circuit

By Super Electric | January 12, 2016

The electrical needs of Phoenix homes and businesses are always changing, as new devices are introduced and old components wear out. There will likely come a time where you need to add a new circuit. Below are the scenarios when you should do this, as well as how adding a circuit can add convenience and […]