Fire Safety

By Super Electric | October 4, 2017

Easy Ways to Avoid Fire Would you like to make your family safer? Of course you would! A 2004 study funded by the nation’s independent insurance agents found that more than 18 million American homeowners never check for electrical hazards. That is one out of every four of us. Electrical home fires result in 900 […]

Upgrading Your Phoenix Electrical Outlets

By Super Electric | June 24, 2016

Most Phoenix home and business owners don’t give much thought to their electrical outlets unless they aren’t working. Because of this, many residences and commercial buildings have older electrical outlets in place. Though they seem minor in the grade scheme of your home or business’s electrical system, older outlets have the potential to cause some […]

Water Damage and Electricity

By Super Electric | June 21, 2016

Phoenix homes and businesses can sustain water damage from a variety of sources, including storms, leaks, broken pipes, appliance malfunctions, and more. While water damage causes obvious visible damage to your floors, walls, and other construction components, you may not realize that it could have also impacted your electrical system’s wiring. Dangers of Water Damage […]

Injury Risk a Reality with DIY Electrical Work

By Super Electric | June 2, 2016

While there are some electrical projects you may feel are within your capabilities to do yourself, we cannot stress enough that doing electrical work yourself without the proper knowledge or training can be dangerous. In addition to making sure all electrical systems and devices in your Phoenix home are in good working order, our electricians […]

How Many Circuits Does My Home Need?

By Super Electric | May 24, 2016

Think about all the appliances, lights, and devices plugged in around your home – we bet there is quite a few. Every item plugged in is connected to the electrical circuits in your house; in order to effectively power all the items you need, your home needs numerous circuits. Just how many will depend on […]