Replacing Home Electrical Outlets

By Super Electric | November 19, 2015

Electrical outlets are a household element that most people don’t put a lot of thought to — as long as they’re working, they fly under the radar. Most Phoenix homeowners do not realize that at times, there may be cause to replace home electrical outlets. If you haven’t inspected your home’s outlets recently, take the […]

Outdoor Lighting for Your Phoenix Area Home

By Super Electric | July 8, 2015

While a well-designed lighting plan is essential for inside the home, the same is often overlooked for the exterior. Outside the home, lighting improves safety and security, while enhancing outdoor living areas. Read on to learn how outdoor lighting can be an asset to your family. Outdoor lighting for safety A dark property poses a […]

Tamper Resistant Receptacles for Your Phoenix Home

By Super Electric | June 23, 2015

Electrical outlets are located throughout the home, creating an ever-present danger when not used appropriately. Electrical shocks and burns send around 2,400 kids to the hospital each year, causing as many as 12 fatalities annually. Childproofing is an excellent way to reduce electrical accidents. Installing tamper resistant receptacles can make your home safer and protect […]

Home Electrical Checkups

By Super Electric | May 27, 2015

Home Electrical Checkups As National Electrical Safety Month comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to perform an electrical safety checkup for your home! Electricity is essential in our homes, powering the devices and appliances we rely on every day; but without proper safety measures in place, it can be dangerous. Follow our guide […]

Why routine electrical maintenance is so important

By Super Electric | August 14, 2013

Each and every one of us demands a great deal from the electrical systems in our homes. Think about the number of appliances you use every day and the frequency with which you use them. Now consider the wear and tear lighting systems, wiring, power outlets, switches, circuit breakers and other items experience over time. […]